Razia Gershon Bronze Sculptures Statues and Fine Art Collection

Razia Gershon an Israeli sculpture artist was born in Israel and has focused her artwork from an early stage on the human body and the possibilities inherent in it, as both a means of expression and an artistic value.

In the initial stages of her career, Razia studied modern ballet under Gertrud Krauss and classical ballet under Mia Arbatova. Razia subsequently graduated from the Wingate Institute and worked as a physical and ballet educator. Razia is a graduate of the Avni Institute of Art in Tel-Aviv. She pursued her studies under Tania Preminger and David Zondelovitz, professors in art academies in Russia. Razia later attended art history lectures with Prof. Marcel Mendelson at the Bar Ilan University.

Razia's bronze sculptures are presented in figurative classic style , based on and inspired by the human body, its movements and ballet steps. The sculptures are cast in bronze, and despite the hardness and rigidity of the material the statues are made of, the viewer can easily see and feel the movement, the elegance and the gentleness expressed in the statues. One of the better known series Razia created includes a bronze garden sculpture series of various animals and in particular sheep. The comic bronze figures are unique and have become the artists’ trademark in Israel. In 2006 the artist completed a new series of Horse Sculptures including six pieces to her collection.

Razia's statues can be found in private collections in Israel and abroad. She works at her art studio in Ramat Hasharon, Israel where her private bronze collection is on display.

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Letters from friends, dignitaries and heads of state

Over the years Razia has delivered many world renowned organizations and government representatives with her unique bronze sculptures for cultural events, award ceremonies and corporate sponsorships. Razia's bronze statues were presented to heads of state and as gifts to foreign dignitaries. Some of the letters and thank you notes are presented here.

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Ordering and shipping

Most of the bronze sculptures and statues in the collection are available for purchase and we ship worldwide. All sculptures are shipped at buyers' expense, are insured and sent using DHL, FedEx or as requested by client. All pricing is in US dollars, all sales are final and payment is made prior to shipping and can be made using all major Credit Cards, Wire Transfer and Western Union.

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Razia Gershon was born in Israel, a member of the Israeli Sculptures and Artists Association.

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Razia Gershon - Bronze sculptress

Razia Gershon was born in Tel Aviv, joined by 3 brother and a sister. Her childhood years were spent at the shadow of the British occupation. Early on in her life, by age 12, Razia became involved with a rebel organization fighting the occupation, getting arrested, escaping and leading the life of a strong willed young woman in these years of turmoil.

Razia discovered her love for dance early on and began teaching Israeli folk dance in youth organizations. With the formation of Israel she went on to join the army and became a physical education officer, first of her kind in those days.

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About Razia - The Bronze Art Studio

Located on a small side street in Ramat Hasharon, Razia Gershon’s bronze studio is an oasis that offers an artist's haven an alternative, relaxing and inspiring environment. The home studio is surrounded by a magnificent garden with Razia’s favorite bronze sculptures and garden art spread throughout, in their ideal setting. Guests to the bronze studio are invited to sit under a naturally shielded veranda of grape leaves, enjoy Razia’s world class hospitality surrounded by nothing but art.

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