Razia Gershon - Your kid has trouble reading, writing or listening? Learning disorder or ADHD?

Does your child struggle to keep up with the rest of the classmates? Many children have problems when they are needed to pay attention to the class, sometimes they have hasty and reckless behavior, or they find it difficult to remember certain things. Some of them may have a learning disorder or ADHD. After many years of intense research on this matter, a very successful product was elaborated. Synaptol will help your child get ahold of his difficulties and prosper at both personal and educational level.

Is there any difference between learning disorder and ADHD?

The answer is yes – they are entirely separated and individual disorders. It’s possible for a child to have ADHD and another learning disability at the same time. In fact, roughly about 20-30% of the children diagnosed with ADHD also have a coexistent learning problem in the area of reading, spelling or math.

What’s the difference?

A person with a learning disability may have trouble reading, writing, doing maths, doesn’t understand words or concepts and becomes easily distracted. Of course, many children face problems at some point during school, but the difference is that in this condition symptoms persist for a more extended period.

ADHD is not a learning disorder; it’s a medical condition in which the child is often hyperactive – he can’t stand still and always fidgets, it acts on impulsivity – makes hasty decisions without thinking firstly, and has significant difficulties in sustaining focus. It’s true that ADHD may affect a person’s learning abilities as well. A thorough and professional medical assessment can make the difference between the two medical conditions.

How can Synaptol help me?

Synaptol is a homeopathic treatment that contains flower essences. It means it’s all-natural and the side effects are slim to none, as opposed to the classical stimulant treatment for ADHD. This remedy improves mental focus, attention, and the ability to learn and practice new skills. It also contains essential nutrients that promote the health of brain and nervous system health altogether.

Although it may be challenging to deal with a child who has trouble at school and home as well, Synaptol can readily improve your kid’s results. ADHD is not a life sentence, and if treated correctly, your child can finally thrive at the activities he sets his mind to do.