Bronze Sculpture Collection - Online art gallery

Razia's sculptures are executed in a figurative classic style and at times lead to abstract representations. Her figurative collection is based on her experience as a dancer and physical educator and her interpretation of movement through bronze and other media.

The collection incorporates her personal experience and passion for the human form, starting initially with studies of the body and in later works observations of dancers in a variety of poses. The sculptures are cast in bronze, and despite the hardness and rigid nature of the medium, the viewer can easily see and feel the movement, the elegance and gentleness emanating from them.

The animal bronze collection was first created in 2000. They display animals in comic and abstract representations that intrigue and enchant viewers. In particular the sheep statue series has commanded rave reviews by private collectors for their unique execution and appeal. Tying into the biblical, traditional Middle Eastern position occupied by the domestic sheep, these representations provide a refreshing, modern point of view of life in Israel. In 2006, Razia added to her animal collection a series of Horse sculptures that defy the traditional. The horses are made in a unique open bodied free form, experessing both the energy and life of these magical creatures. The series includes The Mare, The Filly and The Stallion.