Razia Gershon - Bronze sculptress

Razia Gershon was born in Tel Aviv, joined by 3 brother and a sister. Her childhood years were spent at the shadow of the British occupation. Early on in her life, by age 12, Razia became involved with a rebel organization fighting the occupation, getting arrested, escaping and leading the life of a strong willed young woman in these years of turmoil.

Razia discovered her love for dance early on and began teaching Israeli folk dance in youth organizations. With the formation of Israel she went on to join the army and became a physical education officer, first of her kind in those days.

In the following years Razia married and had 2 children. The family spent several years in Africa where Razia continued working with children in dance and physical education.

In 1981 Razia was seriously injured in an auto accident, leaving her with severe damage in her arm and leg. After a long period of rehabilitation and physical therapy she recovered and decided to follow a new direction in her life. Although she never had a portfolio to show, she was allowed a conditional acceptance into the prestigious Avni School of Art. In 1993 the sculptress won a medal in an international exhibition of 120 veteran sculptors from all over the world. Following the success she was invited to exhibit at the "Grand Palais" in Paris and other public and private exhibitions.

Initially, Razia Gershon focused on designing sculptures of dancers, which aroused considerable interest among art lovers and collectors. Later she continued to surprise, creating a series of bronze portraits of leaders from different areas of life, as well as animal sculptures, emphasizing her original view point. In these works she proved her maturity, her sharp eye and her clever ability to combine classical and modern sculpture.

Some of her bronze portraits are displayed in important public institutions. Among them the portrait of late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin at the "Pi Glilot museum for the history of Israeli intelligence service", the portrait of U.S. President William Jeffereson Clinton at the "Clinton Library" in Arkansas. Other sculptures expressing the desire for peace are on display at the "Peres Center for Peace" in Tel Aviv.

The well known Israeli sculptress had many one man exhibitions in different places in Israel, such as the Hadassah Klatchkin Collection and the Sarah Kishon Collection in Israel. Razia also participated in many exhibitions in Israel, Europe and the United States. Over the years she has won many prizes and awards. Many of her works have been purchased by individual collectors and public institutions.

Razia Gershon works in a variety of materials, such as clay, stone, marble and bronze. It is possible, by prior arrangement, to see her entire work on display in a permanent exhibition, at her showroom in Ramat Hasharon, Israel.